Trade in Services  
Chapter 5 Services
Annex 2 : Services Commitment

New Zealand has committed to liberalise in a wide variety of services. These include engineering services, dental services, computer services, equipment repair services, info-communication technology (ICT) services, market research services, management consulting services, financial services, manufacturing services, land surveying services, printing services, courier services, environmental services and maritime, air and auxiliary transport services.

Both New Zealand and Singapore have also agreed to regularly review their commitments and to progressively expand them. Both countries will also work on the mutual recognition of professional qualifications and registration, including the recognition of degrees from each other's universities.

  Mutual Recognition for Services  
  New Zealand and Singapore have agreed to identify priority areas to address with respect to the recognition of professional qualifications or registration. In identifying initial priority areas, the parties agree to focus on sectors where specific commitments have been undertaken, and subject to the terms, limitations, conditions, or qualifications set out therein.