Customs Documentation  
Chapter 4 Customs Procedures

There are three main initiatives outlined in the customs procedure chapter.
They are:

(a) Paperless Trading
Both Customs Administrations will put in place an electronic environment that supports electronic business applications. This facility will remove the need for paper documents, reduce business costs and expedite the permit approval process.
(b) Risk Management
Both Customs Administrations have agreed that Customs compliance activities will focus on high-risk goods and travellers. This will allow legitimate low-risk goods and travellers to be cleared expeditiously at the Customs checkpoints.
(c)  Certification for Rules of Origin (ROO)
New Zealand and Singapore will mutually assist in the verification of claims for tariff preferences made by importers.

Exporters can provide a self-declaration proof of meeting the ROO. There is no minimum period stipulated for the retention of the customs documents.