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  Gulf Cooperation Council-Singapore Free Trade Agreement Enters Into Force, 1  September , 2013  
  Singapore-Costa Rica Free Trade Agreement Enters Into Force, 19  July , 2013  
FTAs are superhighways that connect Singapore to major economies and new markets. With FTAs, Singapore-based exporters and investors stand to enjoy a myriad of benefits like tariff concessions, preferential access to certain sectors, faster entry into markets and Intellectual Property (IP) protection.

As an integral part of Singapore's trade architecture, our network of 20 FTAs is designed to position Singapore as an integrated manufacturing centre in this region; promote research & development in our knowledge-based economy and drive the services hub.

Tap into Singapore's FTA network and rethink the way you do business today.

If you have any feedback on Singapore's FTAs, we would like to hear from you. To submit your feedback online, please click here.
With Singapore’s extensive network of FTAs, Singapore-based exporters stand to reap significant advantages. Find out more on how you can potentially enjoy FTA benefits for your exports to Singapore’s FTA partner countries.
Singapore-based companies have enjoyed significant FTA benefits from Singapore’s network of FTAs. Find out how have FTAs have helped them increase competitiveness in overseas markets.


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